Social media reacts to Translink’s Compass card changes

When the new Compass Card is rolled out this fall, passengers who use bus transfer tickets from cash fares will not be able to use them on the SkyTrain.

Travellers will have to buy another single trip pass in order to continue their journey.

Translink says it would have cost $25 million to upgrade the fare boxes on the buses, and it is just too expensive to do so. The fare machines would need to be converted to dispense Compass Card compatible tickets.

About 6,000 customers will be affected by these changes – people who hop on the bus, pay by cash, and then hop on the SkyTrain to continue their journey.

Metro Vancouver Citizens have started a petition to ask Translink to reconsider this decision and stop  the double transit fee.

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When the Compass Card rolls out, there will be a transition period where both forms of payment will be accepted on the buses, but Translink will be encouraging people to buy the cards. It is not known when the Compass Card will come into effect.

Info about Compass Cards.

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