Whyte Avenue’s public washrooms attract attention across Canada

Screen grab from i-Cup documentary. Courtesy: i-Cup

EDMONTON – A local documentary filmmaker is putting Whyte Avenue’s public washrooms in the national spotlight.

Adam Bentley’s 6-minute film is cheekily titled iCup – pronounced I-C-U-P, referring to the transparency of the walls which are meant to be a security feature.

The documentary has been showing on Air Canada flights and is now one of 16 finalists in the airline’s Enroute Film Festival. It even has the chance to go to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Bentley, who lives in the Whyte Avenue area, says he decided to make a documentary about the new washrooms because he’s interested in how people perceive public space.

“It is so unique in its surroundings and that it’s very provocative. People have an opinion on it, one way or another,” he says.

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He showcases a few of those opinions in the documentary, which you can view below.

“It speaks to the fact that we are suddenly interested in good urban design, and start small with bathrooms, with the small things on the micro-level and we can start talking about the bigger buildings, as well.”

You can vote for Bentley’s documentary here and watch his full interview on the Early News below:

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