Spring Cleaning: Where to start and what to tackle this season

Click to play video: 'Spring Cleaning: Where to start and what to tackle this season' Spring Cleaning: Where to start and what to tackle this season
Spring is here and with it, for many, comes the urge to clean house. On this edition of Out & About, Caley Bedore gets some tips on where to start and what to tackle this season. – Apr 22, 2021

Spring is here and with it comes flowers, warmer weather and, for many, the urge to clean house.

“Everybody just wants to freshen things up for the summer,” said Shelley Parker, owner and operator of Molly Maid in Peterborough and Lindsay, Ont.

Parker said that is especially true this year, with more people spending time at home during the pandemic and more concerned about germs due to COVID-19. She said it is a good time to tackle the tasks we may have neglected during the winter.

“Inside windows and things we don’t typically do in the wintertime — baseboards is another one — they do accumulate a lot of dust over the winter,” she said.

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“We like to get to the nitty-gritty of washrooms and kitchens, those are areas we keep clean all the time, but there are always corners and grooves that you don’t always get into that are included in a spring or fall clean as well.”

Speaking of washrooms, Parker said we should be drying more than just ourselves after a shower.

“A lot of people should be towel drying their tub and shower after each use. It is a bacteria infestation of mould and mildew if we don’t keep up,” she said. “The biggest thing with grout and tile cleaning is to let it sit for about five or 10 minutes just to loosen the soap and bacteria and then we can use a grout brush.”

If you don’t have a grout brush handy, Parker said you can use a toothbrush (just be sure to keep track of what one you used!). She said baking soda and water will also do the trick if you don’t have a grout and tile cleaner on hand.

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Elsewhere in the home, Parker said it is important to empty and clean your vacuum after each use.

“You should also periodically clean the filter,” she said. “Your vacuum will run better and it will extend the life of your vacuum as well.”

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Also on her list? Doorknobs and cell phones, which she said are hot spots for bacteria. She also said germs can be hiding in your reusable grocery bags.

“If you think about it we’re always going grocery shopping and there are cans, sometimes the meat packages aren’t sealed you could lose some meat juice possibly at the bottom of the bag, and that is causing bacteria growth,” Parker said. “They should be thrown in your washer at least once a week.”

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When it comes to organizing your home, Nicole Cooke, founder of Organized by Design, said it can be a good time to reset and if you’re looking to do that spring closet cleanout, she said it is important to get rid of things you no longer wear.

“The most important step is purging and it is the one that is the hardest for people but that is really where you need to start,” Cooke said. “The easiest way to purge is to put everything in your closet on your bed.”

Then she said to put back only what you wear, love and feel good in.

“The best thing to do is to sort it by type of clothing,” Cooke said. “Put all of your pants together, all your T-shirts together, all your blouses, all your dress pants, so when you’re looking for something, it is easy to find it.”

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If you don’t have proper storage in your closet, she said you can add a rod under shorter clothing or use plastic bins and foldable hanging shelves.

Cooke said if you still aren’t sure where to start, tackle one section at a time. Or you can call her for a virtual consultation.

As for Parker, she said Molly Maid’s cleaning services are considered essential so the company is also available to help.

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