Fashionable Deighton Cup ups the style factor at Hastings Park

Attendees at the Deighton Cup. Mana Mansour, Global News

The fifth annual Deighton Cup is happening at Hastings Park this weekend, promising a stylish blend of fashion and derby racing.

Hundreds of people are taking part in the event, coined the most-stylish event in Vancouver by the Huffington Post.

The dress code for the Kentucky Derby-inspired event is “Your finest,” with spectators decked out in their best fascinators, bowties and suspenders.

“It has been a lot of effort to get this to where it is now. This weekend will be spectacular and people will be dressed up to the nines,” says event organizer Jordan Kallman of the Social Concierge.

However, the event isn’t just about stylish hats and dresses; spectators are also there to take in the races.

“It sure is exciting when you race in front of big crowds, it’s fun seeing everyone dressed up and it’s exciting,” says California-based jockey Aaron Gryder.

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“It brings more interest to horse racing, and we love it.”

Tomorrow is the Julep, a mixology competition showcasing Vancouver’s best bartenders, along with derby racing in the afternoon.

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