EMSB’s new Director General Nicholas Katalifos has a message for teachers

Newly appointed EMSB Director General Nicholas Katalifos joins Global's Laura Casella to discuss his new role. March 30, 2021. Global News

Nicholas Katalifos, newly appointed director general of the English Montreal School Board, wants teachers to know how much they are appreciated.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the work that teachers have done this year, both in terms of pedagogy but also in terms with living with this situation and changing the way that they teach, literally overnight, to accommodate the whole crisis,” said Katalifos in a Global News Morning interview Tuesday.

Katalifos brings 30 years of experience with the EMSB to his new job. Starting as a teacher, Katalifos has worked as a consultant, a community service officer, and a vice principal. He’s worked with students from primary, secondary and adult education programs

“I think that I have a great deal of experience from all three sectors that I can bring with me,” Katalifos said.

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When asked about the perception that some parents have lost faith in the EMSB amid recent infighting, Katalifos said those days are over, and he can assure parents that the board is back on track and focused.

“The reality is that we’ve come together and we’ve done really well under this situation that we’re all living and, to that end, I think yes, parents can feel strongly and confidently that there is a great deal of stability to the board right now,” Katalifos said.

Acknowledging that it has been a challenging year for everyone, including students, teachers and administrators, Katalifos pledged ongoing support to help cope with the COVID-19 challenges and says he is committed to providing the utmost support to help teachers with whatever resources they need.

“I understand fully what the challenges are. I understand fully why they are anxious and why they are tired at this point in the year. But we all need to try to stick together and support each other as professionals to make sure we finish off the year in a positive way and everybody stays safe.”

— with files from Global News’ Laura Casella

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