Deer herd stampedes over surprised driver’s car in wild dashcam video

Click to play video: 'Police dashcam catches moment driver caught in deer stampede'
Police dashcam catches moment driver caught in deer stampede
Dramatic dashcam footage from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office on March 8 showed multiple deer stampeding over a remote road, where they narrowly avoided a dangerous collision with a driver. Police said it appeared that no one was hurt and the animals were okay – Mar 11, 2021

Dramatic dashcam video out of Michigan shows a herd of deer stampeding over a remote road, where they narrowly avoided hitting a stunned driver’s car. Mostly.

The wild encounter was captured on a police cruiser’s dashcam video Feb. 26, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

The police cruiser was driving along behind a black sedan on a two-lane highway through the woods when the deer suddenly emerged from the trees, dashing and leaping across the road in a flurry of activity.

In the video, the black sedan slams on the brakes and moves onto the shoulder as the first deer darts past. Two more run past the front of the car. Another deer leaps up and clears the roof of the vehicle with a slight tap from its back legs.

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The final two deer also try to jump over the car but they don’t quite make it. One smacks into the front left wheel before running around the front and into the woods.

The final deer, a buck, leaps high into the air and lands on the back window and trunk of the car. It stumbles, then hops off and starts jumping around in front of the police car.

The sheriff’s office described it as a “crazy day” on Facebook, and applauded the driver’s quick reaction time to the sudden stampede.

“Another reminder you have to always be in control of your car and not distracted by anything else,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

They added that no humans or animals were injured in the incident.

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