WATCH: Orillia tornado from beginning to end; Environment Canada to investigate

WARNING: Strong language. Might be offensive to some viewers

TORONTO – Environment Canada is dispatching teams to investigate the damage from several severe storms in Southern Ontario Wednesday evening.

Wednesday’s storms developed late in the day around rush hour, from Arthur to Orillia to Minden. Several eyewitnesses reported tornadoes and photographed or recorded funnel clouds and tornadoes.

Southern Ontario is in the middle of a "little tornado alley." Here's a look at some of the deadliest tornadoes in Ontario's history.
Stormchaser Dave Patrick caught this tornado n Arthur, Ont. on August 7. (Dave Patrick/ File/ Dave Patrick/

Though the video may be compelling evidence of a tornado, each time there are reports, Environment Canada must send out a survey team to confirm.

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There have been 11 tornadoes in Ontario this season.

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