Stowaway cat attacks pilot on passenger flight, forcing emergency landing

A cat is shown in this file photo. Pexels

Pilots on a Qatar-bound flight were forced to make an emergency landing due to an unwelcome cat in the cockpit last month in what was reportedly a very hairy situation for the crew.

The Tarco Airlines flight was en route from Sudan to Qatar on Feb. 25 when a cat came out of hiding and freaked out in the cockpit about 30 minutes into the flight, Al Sudani News reports.

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The high-flying feline reportedly attacked the flight crew, prompting them to head back to Khartoum Airport so they could kick the kitty out.

It’s unclear exactly how the stowaway got into the cockpit in the first place. However, a source told Al Sudani News that it likely happened when the aircraft was in the hangar for cleaning and maintenance before the flight.

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The paper did not say what happened to the cat afterward.

A similar episode happened on an Air Canada flight in 2012. A cat escaped from its carrier and reached the cockpit just before takeoff, forcing the pilots to delay their trip by several hours.

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