London Fire rescue woman from Thames River Sunday

Engine 1 Crew rescues person from Thames river and WIRT Team transports victim in RDC to shore on March 1, 2021. Via @LdnOntFire Twitter

London fire crews had a busy Sunday, saving a woman from the Thames River — and later recovering 16 Hockey nets.

Sunday morning around 11 a.m., London fire responded to a call that a woman had fallen into the Thames River.

Platoon Chief Kirk Loveland said crews were able to quickly rescue the woman and bring her to safety.

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This came on the same day firefighters planned to brush up on their water and ice rescue skills by removing hockey nets from melting ponds and waterways.

In total they were able to remove 16 hockey nets, Loveland said.

“It combined being great training and being proactive to make the ice conditions safer by making sure people did not go out to try to save their nets.”

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The ice and water conditions this time of year can be hazardous, as the temperature warms, with the Thames Valley Conversation Authority issuing a warning late last week.

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On Friday, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTCRA) warned residents about the dangers of being on or around all bodies of water due to hazardous river banks, thinning ice and potential flooding.

The mix of rain and warm weather will make the banks adjacent to rivers and creeks very slippery and, when combined with cold, fast-moving water, pose a serious hazard, a release from the city said.

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