Quebec sugar shacks hope to stay afloat by bringing traditional eats to your home

Hard hit by the pandemic, 70 sugar shacks usually competing have joined forces to carry out the 'Ma cabane a la maison' project. Global News

With bankruptcy looming for many sugar shacks across the province, a number of owners have come together offering “gourmet boxes” of the iconic cuisine.

Hard hit by the pandemic, 70 sugar shacks usually competing have joined forces to carry out the “Ma cabane a la maison” project.

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The new initiative allows Quebecers to indulge in their beloved sugar shack experience from the comfort of their homes starting Monday.

“The objective is to save the tradition of sugar shacks so that we can gather again in these festive places next year,” Stéphanie Laurin, president of the Association des Salles de Receptions et Érablières du Québec and co-owner of du Chalet des Érables, said.

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According to the association, 75 per cent of the sugar shacks still in operation risk closing for good, adding to the list of around 40 others who have ceased their activities.

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The sugar shacks participating in the project have concocted menu highlights.

The boxes will offer maple ham, baked beans, oreilles de crisse, puffed omelettes, syrup and all the other favourites.

The price of the gourmet boxes ranges from $25 to $35 per person.

Meals will be accompanied by traditional music to add to the festive atmosphere.

Boxes will come with instructions to watch a “festive show, captured in the woods,” which brings together artists like the duo 2Frères, Daniel Boucher, Yves Lambert and Guylaine Tanguay.

The dishes must be reheated or cooked, depending on the option chosen.

The group says various menu options are available, offering vegetarian, vegan, pork and gluten-free options and using fully recyclable containers and packaging, made in Quebec.

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Customers can pick up their order at the sugar shack or in 196 Metro grocery stores.

Some cabins also offer home delivery.

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