Waterloo Regional Police launch 2 Buy and Sell Exchange Zones in Cambridge

There are now three Buy and Sell Exchange Zones in Waterloo Region. Waterloo regional police

Waterloo Regional Police announced that they have opened two more Buy and Sell Exchange Zones on Tuesday.

The exchange zones provide people with safe locations to complete their online transactions.

“We had originally placed our first location at North Division back in March of 2020. A number of people have been using that location for making those transactions or exchanges,” Const. Ashley Dietrich said.

“And through that, other people from the region had also expressed interest in having them in their region as well.”

She says that there were always plans to expand after the original location opened in Waterloo.

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The new exchange zones have both been opened in Cambridge with one being located at headquarters (200 Maple Grove Rd.) while the other is at South Division (176 Hespeler Rd.).

“Now there are three buy and sell exchange zones where people can make those online transactions and have a little bit more peace of mind when meeting people, when they’re buying, selling or trading property online,” Dietrich said.


Police opened the zones to allow people to make the transaction in a safe place and warn residents that if they are unable to take advantage, they should make and purchases or sales in well-lit, public and popular locations.

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