Oklahoma mom says daughter, 8, expelled for confessing crush on a girl

Chloe Shelton, 8, wears a shirt with a rainbow design in this image from video. Via KTUL

An 8-year-old girl in Oklahoma was allegedly expelled from a Christian private school after she told another girl she had a crush on her.

The incident happened at Rejoice Christian Schools in Owasso, Okla., according to the expelled girl’s mother, Delanie Shelton.

Shelton told local station KOKI that her daughter Chloe was expelled after she received a stern lecture about Christian values from the school’s vice principal.

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“The vice principal sat her down and says, ‘The Bible says you can only marry a man and have children with a man,'” Shelton recounted. “My daughter was crying, saying: ‘Does God still love me?'”

Delanie Shelton is shown in this image from video in Owasso, Okla. Via KTUL

Shelton added that the vice principal informed her of her daughter’s actions, and asked her how she feels about “girls liking girls.”

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“I said ‘if we’re being honest, I think it’s OK for girls to like girls,'” Shelton said. “She looked shocked and appalled.”

The school allegedly told Shelton that it does not allow relationships of any kind among students.

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Shelton says the superintendent called her after the incident and ended the school’s “relationship” with the family.

“I don’t believe that my kids should have been ripped out of the only school they’ve known for the past four years,” Shelton told local station KTUL. She added that she’s now searching for another school for her children to attend.

The school has did not respond to requests for comment from KOKI and KTUL.

The school’s student handbook defines marriage as exclusively between a man and woman, and lays out a rigid binary view of gender. It also says that homosexuality is “immoral,” as is professing to be homosexual or promoting related behaviour.

The handbook, which applies to elementary and high school students, does not say that one can be expelled for confessing a same-sex crush.

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Shelton says her daughter is too young to comprehend same-sex relationships, but she’ll stand by her no matter what path she takes in life.

“Whatever makes people happy, I think they should have a right to do,” she said.

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