Father, daughter create ‘Lending Sled Shed’ for Edmonton community to enjoy

Click to play video: 'Father and daughter create ‘Lending Sled Shed’ for Edmonton community' Father and daughter create ‘Lending Sled Shed’ for Edmonton community
Sledding is fun for everyone and an Edmonton family wants to make sure that's always the case. Morgan Black has more on a father-daughter duo whose passion project is bringing out the best in the community – Jan 19, 2021

There’s a hill in Edmonton where everyone can take a ride, thanks to a father-daughter duo.

The “Lending Sled Shed” is set up at the top of the Laurier Heights toboggan hill, located at Laurier Drive and 77 Avenue. It asks you to borrow a sled for a spin down the hill and then return it when you’re done.

“I got the idea from a picture in the United States. They had done a [similar] set-up to a community free library but with sleds,” Kristie Edwardsen explained.
Kristie Edwardsen in front of the “Lending Sled Shed” on Jan. 19, 2021. Morgan Black/Global News

Edwardsen reached out to her dad, Keith Seright, for help with the project.

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“He’s a handyman and a former artist,” she explained.

Seright is currently going through cancer treatment. Edwardsen said he’s been sticking close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic because he is immunocompromised.

“He doesn’t go out often… and he’s alone,” she said. “He was building a boat but he got frustrated with that after a while… so I thought this project would be perfect for him.”

She said the four-day project filled her father’s time — and heart.

“It gave him a chance to be engaged within the community without being in the community. I have been sharing all the positive posts and feedback,” she said.

Karen Wilk, president of Laurier Heights Community League, said the project has been a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

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“We are all outside right now. That’s how we see each other. To have this draw is an incredible spark for people to come and check it out,” Wilk said.

She said a 73-year-old community member decided to take a run on the hill when he saw the sled shed.

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“It is just super that it’s fun for all ages,” Wilk said. “It’s just great for community spirit and connection.”

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The project went up on the hill Sunday. Within 24 hours, members of the community filled the shed with toboggans.

“Kids loved that they got to try out all the ‘new sleds’ and find out which is the fastest,” Edwardsen said.

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Leanne Brunelle lives across the street from the Lending Sled Shed. She said it’s delightful to see the community enjoy the hill.

“Anyone can walk by and use a sled and enjoy a few minutes of the outdoors. It’s just great,” Brunelle said.

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“It’s connection. We need that right now, all of us,” Edwardsen said. “To share the connection with my dad and share it with others… that’s wonderful.”

Seright and Edwardsen are going to build another sled shed in Parkview. Seright is also building a lending library for the Parkview community this spring.

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