Toronto speed cameras caught thousands, but devices ticketed fewer drivers month-over-month

Click to play video: 'Automated speed enforcement cameras begin ticketing in Toronto' Automated speed enforcement cameras begin ticketing in Toronto
WATCH ABOVE: Watch your speed, the warnings are over. Photo radar is now underway to issue fines for speeders at some school zones across Toronto. Miranda Anthistle has more. – Jul 6, 2020

The City of Toronto says it has noticed a steady decline in the number of speeding tickets its issued through its automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras in the first round of locations as well as a decline in repeat offenders.

“I’m glad to see this downward trend in the number of tickets issued and hope this will continue to be the case at all future locations,” said Mayor John Tory.

The city said it issued 53,090 fines since the start of the program in July, with fewer tickets being issued month-over-month during a five-month period.

Fifty ASE cameras were installed, two per ward, across Toronto in community safety zones (near schools) and began issuing speeding tickets last summer.

Tickets through ASE cameras are fines only; no demerit points are issued. The fines are also billed and mailed to the registered vehicle owner, regardless of who was driving. The registered vehicle owner’s driving record will not be impacted through these tickets, the city said.

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Although the cameras have since been moved to new locations, during the entire enforcement period from July 6 to Nov. 30, a camera on Renforth Drive near Lafferty Street in Etobicoke-Centre issued the most fines at 5,404 or 10 per cent of tickets.

Also on Renforth Street, the highest fine of $718 was mailed to a vehicle owner who was caught speeding, going 89 km/h in a 40 km/h speed limit zone.

There were a total of 5,822 repeat offenders — including the most frequent repeat offender, who got 17 speeding tickets near Crow Trail and Bradstone Square in Scarborough-North since the program began.

Number of tickets and repeat offenders declined as the months went on.

First month, July 6 to Aug. 5:

  • 22,301 tickets mailed to speeding vehicles with 2,239 repeat offenders.

Second month, Aug. 6 to Sept 5:

  • 15,175 tickets mailed to speeding vehicles with 1,198 repeat offenders.

Third month, Sept. 6 to Oct. 6:

  • 9,719 tickets mailed to speeding vehicles with 604 repeat offenders.

Fourth month, Oct. 7 to Oct. 31 (the last day before devices began being moved to other parts of the neighbourhood):

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  • 5,174 tickets mailed to speeding vehicles with 604 repeat offenders.

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From Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, only 721 tickets were issued but that was during a time when the cameras were being rotated to new locations in stages, the city said. Data for December for the cameras in the new spots will be available in February, city officials said.

“Once again the data proves that the city’s automated speed enforcement program can positively impact driver behaviour, evident in the reduction in speeding incidents and repeat offenders where the speed cameras are placed,” said Tory.

A municipal speed warning sign located at Renforth Drive between Tabard Gate and Lafferty Street in Etobicoke. Kamil Karamali / Global News

Below is a list of total tickets issued for each of the 50 ASE devices:

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  1. Royalcrest Road near Cabernet Circle (Etobicoke North): 2,544
  2. Harefield Drive near Barford Road (Etobicoke North): 90
  3. Renforth Drive near Lafferty Street (Etobicoke Centre): 5,404
  4. Trehorne Drive near Duffield Road (Etobicoke Centre): 1,677
  5. Horner Avenue near Orianna Drive (Etobicoke-Lakeshore): 1,358
  6. Chartwell Road south of Larstone Avenue (Etobicoke-Lakeshore): 46
  7. Jameson Avenue south of Laxton Avenue (Parkdale-High Park): 2,216
  8. Close Avenue south of Queen Street West (Parkdale-High Park): 167
  9. Bicknell Avenue south of Avon Drive (York South-Weston): 4,010
  10. Brookhaven Drive north of Nordale Crescent (York South-Weston): 925
  11. Faywood Boulevard near Laurelcrest Avenue (York Centre): 861
  12. Wilmington Avenue north of Purdon Drive (York Centre): 2,920
  13. Derrydown Road north of Catford Road (Humber River-Black Creek): 393
  14. Grandravine Drive east of Jane Street (Humber River-Black Creek): 605
  15. Corona Street south of Claver Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence): 622
  16. Ridge Hill Drive west of Old Park Road (Eglinton-Lawrence): 1469
  17. Caledonia Road north of Rogers Road (Davenport): 4,267
  18. Gladstone Avenue south of Cross Street (Davenport): 1,271
  19. Manning Avenue north of Robinson Street (Spadina-Fort York): 66
  20. Givins Street south of Argyle Street (Spadina-Fort York): 100
  21. Lippincott Street south of Vankoughnet Street (University-Rosedale): 135
  22. Huron Street south of Bernard Avenue (University-Rosedale): 658
  23. Atlas Avenue south of Ava Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 116
  24. Brownlow Avenue south of Eglinton Avenue East (Toronto-St. Paul’s): 413
  25. Prospect Street east of Ontario Street (Toronto Centre): 10
  26. Spruce Street near Gifford Street (Toronto Centre): 13
  27. Chatham Avenue east of Jones Avenue (Toronto-Danforth): 1,634
  28. Morse Street south of Queen Street East (Toronto-Danforth): 118
  29. Bessborough Drive north of Field Avenue (Don Valley West): 817
  30. Ranleigh Avenue east of Yonge Street (Don Valley West): 874
  31. Gateway Boulevard near 10 Gateway Boulevard (Don Valley East): 3,273
  32. Ness Drive north of York Mills Road (Don Valley East): 32
  33. Elkhorn Drive west of Red Maple Court (Don Valley North): 305
  34. Cherokee Boulevard south of Pinto Drive (Don Valley North): 636
  35. Patricia Avenue west of Homewood Avenue (Willowdale): 941
  36. Lillian Street south of Abitibi Avenue (Willowdale): 756
  37. Main Street south of Swanwick Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,294
  38. Barrington Avenue north of Secord Avenue (Beaches-East York): 1,547
  39. Falmouth Avenue south of Brussels Road (Scarborough Southwest): 362
  40. Birchmount Road north of Kingston Road (Scarborough Southwest): 2,514
  41. Brimorton Drive east of Hathway Drive (Scarborough Centre): 1,558
  42. Marcos Boulevard near Cicerella Crescent (Scarborough Centre): 27
  43. Beverly Glen Boulevard west of Stonebridge Boulevard (Scarborough-Agincourt): 31
  44. Silver Springs Boulevard near Revlis Crescent (Scarborough-Agincourt): 485
  45. Crow Trail near Bradstone Square (Scarborough North): 411
  46. Alton Towers Circle near 295 Alton Towers Circle (Scarborough North): 332
  47. Galloway Road north of Lawrence Avenue East (Scarborough-Guildwood): 35
  48. Military Trail east of Cindy Nicholas Drive (Scarborough-Guildwood): 1993
  49. Hupfield Trail near Glanvil Crescent (Scarborough-Rouge Park): 455
  50. Murison Boulevard near Curtis Crescent (Scarborough-Rouge Park): 304

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