Study hopes to save grizzly bears from train deaths

CALGARY – Researchers say they may soon have a way to prevent grizzly bears from being killed by trains in national parks.

Researchers are halfway done a five year study, and say the solution is just around the corner.

Scientists have put special collars on ten bears, in hopes of tracking their movements throughout Banff National Park.

Brianna Burley says they observe the bears to understand how they are moving in relationship to the railway, and when they are spending time on the tracks.

Officials estimate there are about 60 grizzlies living in parks in the Rocky Mountains, and say protecting them from trains is their biggest focus.

Researchers are hopeful they can find a solution to bears deaths caused by trains, and put field trials in place next year to help stop them.

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So far this year, no bears have been killed by trains. However, there were two young cubs killed in 2012.

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