Aliens and ‘Galactic Federation’ exist, ex-Israeli space chief claims

Click to play video: 'Alien believers claim encounters with extraterrestrial life'
Alien believers claim encounters with extraterrestrial life
WATCH: Many Canadians have reported witnessing a UFO, or claim to been contacted by aliens, but now experts are using hypnotherapy to explain the mystery surrounding extraterrestrial life. Mike Drolet reports – Aug 29, 2019

There is allegedly a Galactic Federation of alien species among the stars — and they don’t want humans to be part of their club.

A former head of Israel‘s military space program claims that extraterrestrials have made contact with officials in the United States and Israel over the years, but the aliens won’t come out in public because they worry people will freak out.

In other words, they’ve done their homework.

“Humanity isn’t ready,” professor and retired Israeli general Haim Eshed said this week, during an interview with the Hebrew-language paper Yediot Aharonot. Eshed told the paper that aliens are already among us on Earth, and that several species have formed a “Galactic Federation” akin to the one seen in Star Trek, according to translations by the Jerusalem Post.

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He also suggested that the U.S. and Israel have been collaborating with aliens on space travel for years, and that U.S. President Donald Trump was “on the verge” of revealing their existence.

Eshed, 87, spoke to the paper while promoting his upcoming book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon. His claims are wide-ranging, Earth-shaking and unverified, but his credentials are hard to ignore. He previously served as a top official in Israel’s military space program from 1981 until 2010, and was responsible for the country’s Ofek satellite project.

Eshed did not provide specifics about Trump’s supposed near-slip, but the president did speak about the issue earlier this year.

Trump claimed in June that he had heard “very interesting” things about Roswell, the New Mexico city known for an alleged UFO event in 1947.

“I won’t talk to you about what I know about it, but it’s very interesting,” Trump said at the time.

The president has used similar language in the past to tease other bits of supposed secret knowledge, including his false claims of election fraud in recent weeks.

Trump has not made any specific revelations about aliens during his term, but he did found the Space Force as a new branch of the U.S. military.

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His government also revealed earlier this year that three previously leaked videos of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” were legitimate, though they did not specify the nature of the objects.

Click to play video: 'New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015'
New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015

Eshed claimed that aliens have already helped the U.S. and Israel set up an underground base on Mars, and that they are waiting for humans to reach a stage where we “understand what space and spaceships are.”

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They obviously haven’t been watching our TV and movies lately.

Eshed told the paper that he was coming out with his claims now because academia has become more open to such ideas.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he said. “Today, they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards. I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

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The news sparked a flurry of jokes on social media, re-igniting the sort of tongue-in-cheek alien fever that fuelled last year’s “Storm Area 51” event.

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The news also sparked jokes about a potential conflict between Trump’s Space Force and the Galactic Federation — a conflict that we likely would have no chance of winning, if Eshed’s claims are true.

Eshed has not provided evidence to support his claims, but he’s not the first former member of a space program to suggest that aliens exist.

Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, also claimed that such a thing was possible in an interview last January.

“There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life,” she said at the time.

If Sharman and Eshed are correct, then the aliens are simply waiting for humans to show we’re ready for their arrival.

Perhaps they’ll change their minds when they see the bizarre monoliths we’ve been building lately?

Scientists and philosophers have been pondering the possibilities of alien life for years. Are we alone in the universe? If we are, what makes us special? And if we’re not, why haven’t we run into anybody else?

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Several theories have emerged around the subject, including the possibility that extraterrestrials exist but they simply don’t want to talk to us.

MIT astronomer John Ball dubbed this notion the “zoo hypothesis” in a landmark 1973 paper. He suggested that perhaps aliens exist and they know we’re here, but they’ve blocked us off into a space zoo.

“The zoo hypothesis predicts that we shall never find them because they do not want to be found, and they have the technology and ability to ensure this,” Ball wrote.

Click to play video: 'New pattern of mysterious radio signals detected from space'
New pattern of mysterious radio signals detected from space

The White House, U.S. Department of Defense and Israeli officials did not respond to requests for comment from NBC News.

Global News also reached out to the Galactic Federation about the issue. The aliens did not respond by press time.

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