Bigfoot sighting in Mission B.C.? New videos reportedly show a Sasquatch

It’s the stuff of legends, but many still believe the elusive creature known as ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch’ walks on this earth somewhere.

Regardless of whether the videos are real, they have definitely got people talking.

In two new videos uploaded to YouTube by the channel ‘Legend Tracker’, there are reportedly two ‘sightings’ of Bigfoot in Mission B.C.

In the first video, uploaded on July 18,it shows a group of tourists crowding around to take photos of what appears to be an ‘ape-like’ creature.

In the second video, uploaded on July 24, it reportedly shows a large hairy ‘person’ walking on the top of a mountain from a distance.

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Nothing is known about the people who reportedly took the videos, however the website promotes an app, which encourages users to ‘track legends’.

Using smart phone tools such as GPS, and a compass, users are encouraged to track and find some of the world’s legends, and then send the ‘evidence’ to Legend Tracker.

The story has been featured on numerous websites around the world, such as the Daily Mail and The Telegraph in the U.K.

So is it all just a marketing tool? It’s up to you to decide what you think is true.

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