Saskatoon city officials say residents should prepare for blizzard

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon city officials say residents should prepare for blizzard' Saskatoon city officials say residents should prepare for blizzard
City officials are warning residents to gather several days' worth of supplies ahead of the blizzard expected on Sunday. – Nov 7, 2020

City of Saskatoon officials said residents should prepare for a blizzard — one of the worst in years.

“The city is putting everything we have towards preparing for and fighting this storm,” city manager Jeff Jorgenson said.

He and other officials, including the director of emergency management Pamela Goulden-McLeod, spoke to reporters on Saturday.

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They urged residents to prepare for a storm by stocking up on several days’ worth of supplies and to stay home, if possible.

“We are really encouraging you not to travel. And in talking to our colleagues with the province, they’re really encouraging you not to, not to plan any highway travel for the weekend either,” she said, speaking over the Zoom conference.

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Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang said the city could receive up to 40 cm of snow on Sunday.

That amount, coupled with the 40 km/h winds — which could reach 70 km/h — create conditions for a strong storm.

“We haven’t seen one of these in the city for a very long time and I think 2007 would be a comparable comparison,” she said, referencing the blizzard in January of that year.

Goran Saric, the director of roadways for Saskatoon, said there would be around 200 city workers will be working to keep the main roads, and streets with polling stations, open.

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