Drivers face treacherous driving conditions on southern Alberta highways

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Drivers face treacherous driving conditions on southern Alberta highways
WATCH ABOVE: A snowstorm has rolled into southern Alberta, delivering a blanket of snow and slippery road conditions. Quinn Campbell has the details. – Oct 21, 2020

Winter storm warnings were issued for southern Alberta earlier this week, and on Wednesday morning the storm rolled in with a lot of snow. Volker Stevin contracting maintains Alberta Highways and on Wednesday its operations manager Dean Jetton said if you can, stay home.

“If you don’t have to travel today I sure wouldn’t,” said Jetton. “There is going to be treacherous conditions out there at times and that’s to do with the wind blowing and the temperatures.”

Jetton said crews are out in full force battling the first blast of winter conditions.

“A lot of trucks are out right now, materials are being applied accordingly and we’ve been out since the weather hit this morning.”

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Jetton said if you do have to venture out, give yourself lots of extra time, keep your distance from other drivers and make sure the plows and sanders have lots of room to work.

“Please be careful, and if there is a cloud of snow in front of you don’t try to drive through it, it could be a plow truck there, we’ve had several plow trucks hit last year — the last few years actually,” Jetton said.

City of Lethbridge transportation manager Adam Campbell said conditions inside the city aren’t as bad, but drivers need to be cautious and plan ahead.

“You really just need to be prepared for the winter and that means having some winter tires if [you] can get them, having an emergency kit… like a shovel and some sort of traction material in your car. Making sure you have gloves, toque, jacket, so you’re actually ready to go in the event something bad happens,” Campbell said.

He added residents should try to avoid adding more snow to the road when they’re clearing their own driveways.

“When [residents] are plowing their sidewalks and their driveways, please just push it onto your property,” he said. “When you push it on to the road it can impede drainage when it starts to melt, and just make everything a little icy.”
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The storm is expected to bring about 10 to 15 cm, and clear off by Thursday morning.

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