Saskatchewan election results: Live, real-time results from the provincial election

Voters across Saskatchewan headed to the polls Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, to take part in the province’s general election.

Global News has live, real-time results for all 61 ridings now that polls have closed. We will have live results by riding so you can see who will be representing your area. Find out who will form the next provincial government and who won in your riding.

Global News also has profiles for each of the 61 ridings across the province so you can find out who is running and for which party. Want to see what each party promised? We detailed all the leaders’ promises in our promise tracker.

Global News’ special election broadcast airs live from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Global Television, and for free on our Global TV App, Amazon Prime Video, our website, or on our Global News YouTube Channel.

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How to get live, real-time election results

The interactive map above allows you to navigate through Saskatchewan’s ridings and see live, real-time results for each riding, see who’s winning, see how many votes have been cast, and see how many polls have reported results.

The graph below will show the popular vote by party in Saskatchewan and how each party’s share of ridings has changed since the dissolution of the provincial legislature.

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