What Remembrance Day in London will look like this year

Unlike last year's celebration, 2020 will see a Remembrance Day celebration with no parade and limited attendance at the London Cenotaph. Sawyer Bogdan / Global News

Organizers of London’s Remembrance Day say the day will be marked by an in-person ceremony this year but with a few changes to keep people safe.

Randy Warden of London’s Remembrance Day steering committee said this year’s ceremony will not have a cadet vigil the evening before or a parade.

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the City of London has decided not to issue any permits for parades for the rest of 2020 impacting Remembrance Day and the Santa Claus parades.

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“Invited participants will form up at the Cenotaph for the Service,” Warden said in a message.

Warden said organizers will follow the model used at Ottawa’s ceremony this year and ask residents not to attend in person.

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Outdoor gatherings in Ontario are currently limited to 25 people until at least mid-October.

Warden said those wanting to participate will be able to watch a livestream through one of the event’s media partners.

Remembrance Day is Wednesday, Nov. 11.

More details on how things will unfold are expected to come at a later date.

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