5 songs you must hear this week: 24 August 2020

5 songs you must hear this week: 24 August 2020 - image

The summer fallow season is almost over as everyone gets geared up for Q3 and Q4 releases. Will any of these songs have an impact through the rest of the year? You decide.

1. Krief, I Am a Pillar of Darkness in Your Life
Chemical Trance (Columbia)
Recommended If You Like: Woozy psych

Montreal’s Patrick Krief’s new album (out last week) features ten songs, each described as its own musical suite. This wonderfully psychedelic track touches on influences of early Pink Floyd, late-period Beatles, and even some Radiohead. My only wish is that the song was longer.

2. Sam Roberts Band, I Like the Way You Talk About the Future
Single (Secret Weapon/Known Accomplice)
RIYL: Sam Roberts but with a groove

Another song conceived during our current pandemic crisis. Sam says this track “comes back to the need for some light. A way forward. To shine some kind of bright light on the future, the path that we’re walking and giving in to despair.” Totally get it. We need some of that optimism right now. Watch for a drive-in gig in Toronto next month.

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3. Sufjan Stevens, Video Game
The Ascension (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
RIYL: Self-examination

Another sample of Stevens’ eighth studio record which is due September 25. The video for this second single was choreographed by Jalaiah Harmon, whom you might know from the viral “Renegade” dance on TikTok. Need encouragement to have faith in yourself? Listen to this.

4. Mav Karlo, Dig a Hole
Strangers Like Us (Royal Mountain Records)
RIYL: Hollerado with a dollop of Honest Ed’s nostalgia

Now that Hollerado has called it a day, the band’s Menno Versteeg is going the solo route under the name Mav Karlo. Great story behind this song, too: “When my dad was a teenager, he lost his mom and went through a rough patch where it seemed like he was headed for jail, or worse. During that time he got caught stealing at Honest Ed’s, but Honest Ed just gave him a stern talking-to and let him go. I’ve always wondered how his life might’ve taken a turn if it hadn’t worked out that way – if I’d even be here now.”

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5. Almost Monday, Broken People
Single (Hollywood)
RIYL: Infectious pop with a touch of Bowie

Big-sounding alt-pop from San Diego with a touch of funk. This trio went from performing in the back of a surf shop to working with Mark Needham who has been in the studio with both The Killers and Imagine Dragons. I kinda feel that this song is going to be a hit.


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