New Brunswick election: Campbellton-Dalhousie

Liberal incumbent Guy Arsenault wins by a landslide in the Campbellton-Dalhousie riding in the 2020 election.

Riding background

This northern New Brunswick riding includes the communities of Campbellton, Charlo, Dalhousie, Eel River Crossing and includes the First Nations reserves of Eel River and Indian Ranch.


Liberal: Guy Arsenault (incumbent)

  • Served as MP for Restigouche from 1988 to 1993

Progressive Conservative: Charles Stewart

Green: Charles Thériault



In 2018, Liberal candidate Guy Arseneault, a former MP who served in the House of Commons for nine years, won the seat with 50.3 per cent of the vote.

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PC candidate Diane Cyr earned 23.8 per cent of the vote, Thérèse Tremblay earned 9.7 per cent of the vote, Annie Thériault of the Green Party earned 8.6 per cent and Robert Boudreau received 7.5 per cent of the vote.


This was a new, merged riding as a result of the 2013 redistricting. 

Liberal Don Arsenault, the incumbent for Dalhousie-Restigouche East, won the riding with 62.2 per cent of the vote.

PC candidate Joe Elias getting 24.3 per cent, NDP candidate Jamie O’Rourke earned 9.8 per cent and Green candidate Heather Wood got 3.6 per cent.


In 2010 Campbellton-Restigouche Centre elected PC MLA Greg Davis, Dalhousie-Restigouche East elected Liberal MLA Don Arsenault.