Cape Breton man charged with stunting near Point Edward, N.S.

This photo from August 2017 shows the tire tracks left on Highway 2 in Enfield, N.S. after complaints of stunting by drivers. FILE Provided/ Nova Scotia RCMP

A 25-year-old is facing stunting charges after a vehicle was pulled over by RCMP on Monday.

The vehicle was clocked driving 55 km/hr over the speed limit around Exit 5 near Point Edward, N.S.

Around 7:53 p.m., an RCMP patrol car measured the vehicle’s speed at 155 km/hr.

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The driver, from Sydney, was charged with stunting and fined $2,422.40.

According to a police news release the car was seized and impounded.

RCMP is reminding the public in the release that road safety is a priority.


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