Kingston grandmothers put their cooking skills to good use to save Italo-Canadian Club

A group of Italian grandmothers from Kingston is using their kitchen skills to try to save the Italo-Canadian Club
WATCH: A group of Italian grandmothers are using their skills in the kitchen to try to save Kingston's Italo-Canadian Club.

COVID-19 has taken its toll on many businesses throughout the Kingston area.

Not being able to open their respective doors has resulted in a lack of income, meaning complete closures for many. Kingston’s Italo-Canadian Club isn’t at that stage yet, though — and now a very dedicated group is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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A group of Italian grandmothers are putting their cooking skills to good use in preparing “Nonna’s takeout.” Nella Belcastro is president of the club.

“The Nonnas were getting bored; they wanted to do something, and of course we need to raise some funds for the club,” said Nella Belcastro, the club’s president.

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“So they agreed to start doing these weekly take-outs, so they specialize in doing what they do best — making Italian food the old-fashioned way.”

N.B. COVID-19 creations cooking challenge
N.B. COVID-19 creations cooking challenge

The old-fashioned way means doing it from scratch, by hand and with plenty of TLC mixed in.

The Nonnas, a group of women best-known for hosting cooking classes each month, decided to launch a weekly takeout to begin fundraising for the club’s future. Belcastro can’t says enough about what’s taking place.

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“Let’s face it, we may be down the road that some other places are if we don’t generate some funds to keep it open,” Belcastro said. “The club has been built by volunteers. This building around us was done by the members and volunteerism, so I’d hate to think that it’s going to end on my watch.

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“So I’m going to try everything that I can.”

Global Kingston’s Family First: Cooking with nonnas
Global Kingston’s Family First: Cooking with nonnas

Belcastro says orders must be placed and paid for each Tuesday at noon for pickup on Fridays between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Social distancing protocols are being followed as club officials ask people who order to simply drive up to the front door and pop their trunks, so that the Nonnas can safely place their order into the vehicle.

For more information, contact: Ashley Clark, banquet director of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston, at or 613-453-3460