Dying Breed unleashes powerful first EP

Click to play video: 'Okanagan band releases heavy hitting EP' Okanagan band releases heavy hitting EP
Rock-and-roll trio Dying Breed has released a heavy-hitting EP, introducing themselves to Okanagan music scene.  – Jul 5, 2020

Rock-n-roll trio Dying Breed — a true garage band that calls an automotive service shop home — has released a heavy-hitting EP introducing themselves to Okanagan music scene.

The four-song EP, Unchained, hits hard, launching the band into the forefront while showing off their range.

“We didn’t want to play covers, we started writing songs from day one,” said Rory Ormiston, who is on bass and vocals.

“Drive Slow, it’s kind of a song about not rushing through life.

“There’s a lyric that’s, ‘I’ve been running most of my life/chasing all these dreams of mine/never had the time to blink/always seem to pass me by.’ It’s about how I’ve been working random jobs and just not really going anywhere because of wanting to now be a musician, so the song is about learning to grab all your opportunities and chasing the dream.”

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Taking their power and punch into overdrive is Stephan Rolland on drums, and to keep that gritty feel, Rolland recorded the drums off the floor of Kelowna Chrysler’s service shop, where they practice their craft.

“Everything else was done in the studio but we actually set up 30 mics in the shop here to do the drums for the EP tracks,” said Rolland.

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The band members have spent their time during the COVID-19 lockdown working on perfecting their EP, and are wasting no time working on their first album now that they have finally come together.

“I grew up with Rory in high school and Rory was back and forth with his music and it wasn’t until a few years after we graduated that we decided, let’s do something with this,” said Dacoda Nevens on guitar.

To listen to Dying Breed’s EP, Unchained, visit their website 

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