‘Dating Around’ participant finds love — with the Netflix show’s director

Gurki Basra on Netflix's 'Dating Around.'. Netflix

Gurki Basra appeared on Season 1 of Netflix’s Dating Around and she was the only person on the show to chose to not go on a second date with any of the five men she went out with.

On Sunday, she took to Instagram to joke about not picking a second date after Season 2 of the show was released to Netflix on Friday.

“Who said I didn’t pick a second date,” she captioned a photo of herself and boyfriend James Adolphus, who is the series’ director and cinematographer.

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Who said I didn’t pick a second date //

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She also opened up about her relationship in an interview with Oprah magazine on Wednesday.

Basra said her tense date with Justin, who said he could never trust her because she’s been divorced, helped bring her and Adolphus together.

“If it hadn’t been for the bad Justin date, (James) and I would have probably never become close in the first place,” Basra told the outlet.

“After the date, I was upset and crying. He came up to me and gave me a hug, and checked on me on Instagram afterwards. That’s how he and I started talking,” she revealed.

Although Basra had five dates to go on for the show, she said she was immediately drawn to Adolphus but they kept their relationship professional at the time.

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“Towards the end of filming, when I realized things weren’t gonna work out with any of the guys, I was definitely a bit more flirty. He would not have it.”

Adolphus appeared in Basra’s episode at the end when she chose to go on a second date with herself instead. He turned around and looked at her as she was walking down the street.

“I didn’t actually know he was going to be in that scene. The smile is genuine, and me smiling and being surprised is genuine,” Basra said.

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The pair decided to make the relationship more serious once Basra moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019.

Basra said they “love each other,” “care about each other” and “adore each other.”

“I’ve always said I would get married again, if it was the right person,” she added.

Basra said the fact that she’s in a relationship now shouldn’t “take away from the fact that I did walk away and I chose myself” during her episode of the show.

Dating Around Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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