45 movies by Black creators now free to stream in Canada, thanks to Cineplex

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In Jordan Peele's sophmore horror movie, which stars Lupita Nyong'o, a family takes a summer getaway and discovers something terrifying — doppelgängers of themselves. – Dec 23, 2019

Cineplex made 45 movies by Black creators or about Black lives available to stream for free in Canada.

The company said that they’re offering them to Canadian audiences for free and they will also be covering the royalty fees themselves in an attempt to inform and empower people.

“In a time when many are turning to movies to become informed and empowered, we want to help,” Cineplex tweeted on Friday. “Our ‘Understanding Black Stories’ collection was curated to elevate Black filmmakers. These films are available to view at no cost on the Cineplex Store.”

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Global News reached out to Cineplex to verify that all funds amassed will directly benefit the Black community. A spokesperson for the company replied: “I can confirm that Cineplex is covering all the royalty costs associated with the collection.”

The movies include Poetic JusticeJust Mercy, Do The Right Thing, Moonlight, The Hate U Give, 12 Years a Slave, Get Out, Boyz N The Hood, Selma, Queen & Slim, Us and more.

To access the “Understanding Black Stories” films, viewers must create an account on Cineplex’s website and rent their film of choice for $0. Once the film is rented by the viewer it will be available to view in their library for two days.

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