Doe gives birth outside Lethbridge couple’s living room window

Click to play video: 'Doe gives birth outside Lethbridge couple’s living room window' Doe gives birth outside Lethbridge couple’s living room window
WATCH: A Lethbridge couple got a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some wildlife. As Quinn Campbell reports, a doe gave birth right outside their window, to two adorable little fawns. – Jun 1, 2020

It was a normal Sunday morning for Braylon Gorham until he looked out his living room window.

“Literally, if the window wasn’t there, we could have touched her, we could have grabbed her,” said Gorham.

He called over his wife, Meaghan Lautischer, and couldn’t believe what happened next.

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A doe chose their front flower bed as her maternity ward. She delivered not one, but two adorable fawns.

“She had the one and we were like: ‘Ahh, this is amazing, like so cool,’ and then she was cleaning it up and whatnot — it was amazing — and then she had another one a little bit later,” Gorham said.

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The couple, trying not to interrupt the moment, did their best to capture the rare opportunity.

“We were just, like, hiding,” her husband added. “But we didn’t want to miss it. This is amazing, so we just were hiding on the floor and had our cameras up above the window and we were like, ‘I think we are getting it. I think we are getting it.'”

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Gorham said after the fawns were born, instincts kicked in and mom and babies all seemed to have instant survival skills.

“They stayed completely still for the rest of the day and we didn’t see them move until the night and we would check on them occasionally.

“It was just incredible really to see how instinctual all that was. It was really cool.”

The couple said witnessing the whole thing has given them a new appreciation for the deer living in their neighbourhood, and how important it is to give them their space.

It also has left them with a new appreciation for how the deer have adapted to the suburbs.

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“In the city, there’s no predators per se, but they have their own confusing aspects and whatnot, so it’s interesting to think of it with that perspective and how they’ve kind of adapted,” added Gorham.

The couple hopes the mom and her babies will become regulars in the neighbourhood so they can keep tabs on their new favourite family.

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