Mike’s Monday Outlook: Hot start to June in southern Manitoba

Thompson, Manitoba. Charlene McIvor/submitted

To start off the first “summer month”, we’ll see temperatures hit 30° C in Winnipeg for the first time in 2020.

First, a quick look back at May.

Winnipeg’s daytime highs through May 2020. Global News

There were a lot of cool days last month, including some record breakers. Overall, though, May averaged out to be pretty close to normal, temperature-wise.

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The daily mean average temperature in Winnipeg was just slightly below normal at 10.7° C (normal is 11.6°C). And even with most days registering highs that were “below normal”, temperatures also got up to 20° or warmer 14 times, which is just above a typical month (13) based on climate data from 1981-2010 from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

So as we get into June, how’s the first day over 30° of 2020 sound? Monday looks like it will also come close to the record high for this day set in 1988. This could mean a few new record highs will be set around southern Manitoba.

Winnipeg almanac data for June 1, 2020. Global News

The rest of the week will be staying warm — not 30° C, but still above a normal high of 22° C.

There was rain falling overnight and into this Monday morning from low pressure sitting over the eastern prairies. This system will still be around on Tuesday and as a result, there is a slight chance of some showers that pops up Tuesday afternoon in southern Manitoba. There is also the risk of thunderstorm activity at this time.

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Wednesday there will be another low-pressure system moving towards the eastern prairies that will continue to draw warm southern winds through southern Manitoba. It could potentially lead to a few more scattered showers in Winnipeg but, at this time, it looks like they would be kept to the overnight hours and therefore less likely to result in a big storm for the Winnipeg area.

RPM Model run from June 1, 2020. Global News

Behind this system, temperatures will cool slightly but will stay slightly above normal for this time of year.

Winnipeg’s five-day forecast from June 1, 2020. Global News



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