Look up, way up! Calgary Airport unveils new air traffic control tower

CALGARY- YYC is now home to the country’s tallest free-standing air traffic control tower—even beating out Toronto’s.

The 91-metre tower called cost $25 million to build. It’s roomier than the old tower and features the latest in air traffic management technology.

“What it brings is essentially sightlines,” explains control tower manager Wayne Nyman, adding that the tower was built in a more central location.

“We had to move over here, so that the controllers can visually see all the maneuvering areas, including the parallel runway.”

The tower was built with expansion in mind, and is roomier with space for up to eight controllers.

The question now, is what to do with the old tower.

“We’re not really sure what we’ll do,” admits Calgary Airport Authority spokesperson Jody Mosely. “We may actually decommission the tower as well and take it down, but at this moment we’re looking to see if there’s any options for utilizing the facility.”

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The airport’s new runway is scheduled to open next May.

YYC is Canada’s third-busiest airport, when it comes to the volume of air traffic.