Mike’s Monday Outlook: Cool through Mother’s Day in Manitoba

Winnipeg is set to see some cool temperatures in May. Neil Longmuir / Submitted

May flowers might be on hold — or at least planting them might be — as the start of the month will likely bring a few frosty mornings for Manitobans.

Last weekend was another cool weekend, and we’ll be seeing a lot more days like it this week, albeit with some varying conditions.

Winnipeg’s forecasted daytime highs in May 2020. Global News

There will be a cloudy start to the week with a few showers on Monday around southwestern Manitoba. Showers are expected around Winnipeg and the Red River Valley towards the late evening.

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Precipitation will be light and likely linger into Tuesday morning before the clouds clear as high pressure moves in from the north.

RPM Model run from May 4, 2020. Global News

As high pressure moves in, expect sunny conditions around southern Manitoba from Wednesday and throughout the workweek, even into the weekend. Just don’t expect warmer weather. There will be a lot of days where southern Manitoba sees highs near 10 C in the afternoon and. perhaps more notably for the gardeners out there, overnight lows below 0 C.

Manitoba’s forecast will be cool but not record-setting. It will put us in a similar position as southern Ontario, where overnight lows are usually around 5 C warmer than Winnipeg this time of year.

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And to the West, record-setting heat is in the forecast:

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Winnipeg, stuck in the middle, will see more in common with southern Ontario than the West Coast throughout the upcoming weekend.

Winnipe\’s five-day forecast from May 4, 2020. Global News

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