Inside terror suspects’ house [PHOTO GALLERY]

The owners of the basement suite that the two people accused of a home-grown terror plot called home say they were shocked to find out about charges their former tenants are facing.

38-year-old John Nuttall and 30-year-old Amanda Korody have been charged with plotting to detonate explosive devices near the B.C. legislature just meters away from Canada Day crowds.

The RCMP say the couple was self-radicalized and was inspired by Al-Qaida ideology.

The couple’s landlord, who did not want to be identified, says he still can’t believe what happened.

“We were stunned. I was so emotional. We did not know what was happening.”

Investigators were collecting evidence inside the apartment on 97A Avenue in Surrey last night.

Nuttall and Korody have been living in the suite for the past few years.

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The landlord says his tenants always paid their rent on time.

He says the couple owned very little, and slept on the floor, so he can’t figure out how they could be connected to an alleged terrorist bomb plot in Victoria without help.

Another neighbour Global News spoke to says she was not surprised by the allegations connecting her neighbors to a bomb threat, because of a disturbing event she claims happened earlier this year. She says Nuttall was out in the middle of the night aggressively yelling on his cell phone.

Here are the pictures of the interior of the basement suite:

Grace Ke, Global News

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