London Ont. three-container garbage exemption pickup going ahead as scheduled

A trio of garbage containers sit on the curb of a London residence.
A trio of garbage containers sit on the curb of a London residence. City of London

The City of London says three-container waste and garbage pickup will continue as scheduled until early May amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Those wanting to know when their three-container exemption is scheduled can take a look at the collection calendar.

However, the city is asking residents to be mindful of how much waste they leave at the curb.

“Collecting extra containers and other items has its challenges during COVID-19, and it is our hope that Londoners will only use the three-container exemption when necessary,” said Jay Stanford, director of environment, fleet and solid waste at the City of London.

“Please be kind and considerate to collectors when placing waste to the curb, and don’t throw out what you don’t have to right now, especially bulky waste.”

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Mayor Ed Holder is praising London’s waste and recycling operators for the work they have continued to do during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“During this time, small adjustments from Londoners can have a big impact and help protect our waste and recycling collectors,” Holder said.

Residents are asked to store bulk items like furniture, mattresses and couches at home because they present added challenges and take extra time for staff to manage safely during the pandemic.

People are being asked only to throw away what’s necessary and to take all renovation materials to the EnviroDepot directly.

EnviroDepots remain open, but only for necessary trips. Cash is not accepted at the depots, but credit and debit continue to be accepted.

The $1.50 per bag fee for residents who need to dispose of bagged garbage remains waived until May 4 at the west, east and north EnviroDepot’s.

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The city is also asking people to hold onto things like paint and batteries until it is safe for the Household Special Waste Depot to open again so the items can be disposed of appropriately.

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To keep collectors safe, residents are asked to ensure all tissues and napkins are in garbage bags. All items that have come in contact with a sick person’s nose, mouth or eyes are to go into garbage bags — even if those items would typically go into a blue box.

Residents are reminded to respect physical distancing with sanitation and recycling operators.