COVID-19 outbreak at Guelph General Hospital declared over

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Guelph General Hospital says a COVID-19 outbreak in one of their units has been declared over.

The hospital said the decision was made on Thursday in consultation with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health as it has been 14 days since the last hospital-acquired COVID-19 patient was put into isolation.

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“This is some good news in this challenging time,” said hospital president and CEO Marianne Walker. “Full credit goes to the expertise and teamwork of hundreds of staff to bring this outbreak to a close.”

The outbreak in the hospital’s 4 East unit was declared on March 26 and pushed Mayor Cam Guthrie to declare a state of emergency later that evening.

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Walker said this does not mean they will be letting their guard down in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The hospital will continue all of its pandemic protocols, including a no visitor policy, staff screening, and the cancellation of all elective surgeries and procedures.

Guelph police salute healthcare workers on the front lines of the novel coronavirus pandemic
Guelph police salute healthcare workers on the front lines of the novel coronavirus pandemic

“COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world and in some places, overwhelming healthcare systems and hospitals,” Walker said.

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“Here, it’s only by us continuing to do everything we can to maintain best practices in infection control along with the combined efforts of the community at large that we will keep our patients and our staff safe and protected.”

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As of Wednesday, the outbreak at Guelph General saw 31 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, including 25 staff members.