Regent Park youth to shed light on changing neighbourhood

A general view of Daniels Spectrum, a cultural centre in Toronto's Regent Park.
A general view of Daniels Spectrum, a cultural centre in Toronto's Regent Park. Heather Loney, Global News

TORONTO – Young ambassadors from Toronto’s Regent Park will gather this weekend to update fellow youth on changes happening in their community.

This Saturday, representatives from the Regent Park Youth Ambassador Program will hold a public forum to talk about the changes happening in the community and provide information on new buildings and job opportunities.

“The youth in Regent Park need to know what’s going on and get involved in their community,” said Vivian Nguyen, a 15-year resident of Regent Park.

“I wanted to have my input in revitalization and I wanted to be informed…other youth deserve to know what’s going on their community.”

In addition to highlighting the changes happening to Regent Park, event organizers also hope the forum will help dispel the bad reputation traditionally associated with the neighbourhood.

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“I want people to know that this community is now revitalized and reflects the wonderful people in Regent Park,” said youth ambassador Mandeq Hassan.

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Characterized for decades by drug crimes and gang violence, the plan to revitalize Regent Park officially began in 2003 when the city endorsed the blueprint for a new Regent Park. Demolition began in 2006.

Since then, the plan has gone through numerous phases aimed at transforming the once isolated neighbourhood into a mixed-use, mixed-income community for more than 12,500 residents.

The latest phase of the revitalization plan has focused on youth, and includes park space, new sports facilities, a cultural centre and employment opportunities.

Saturday’s forum will begin at 12pm at Daniels Spectrum on Dundas St. E.

For more on the Regent Park Revitalization Youth Forum, watch the video below: