‘Army’ of volunteers helps clean up flooded basements in Bowness

CALGARY- The call went out to be at Bowbank Crescent at 7 a.m.—and come ready to work.

Tuesday was another busy day of pumping out flooded basements and overflowing sewage systems around Calgary, and one of the spirited volunteers is Joe Davis. An oil patch consultant with NAL Resources, he’s leading an army of sorts to help clean up homes.

“It needs to get done,” Davis says. “This is the most important thing I have done for the last few years. This is way more important than fracking wells.”

Davis saw the devastating effects of the flood and decided to do something about it. He started off on his own using equipment borrowed from his employer, but quickly realized how many people needed help.

He now has 10 water pumps in action, with more on the way. Companies in Brooks, Red Deer, Grand Prairie and Edmonton have donated the pumps, and put up employees in hotels until the job gets done.

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“A lot of people like stand there and say ‘How can I help, how can I help,’” says volunteer Jocelyn McMinn. “[Davis] just said ‘You know, I am going to call some people to get down here right now.’”

Davis adds he has more reenforcements on the way, and encourages anyone who sees his ‘army’ in their neighbourhood to simply ask for help.

Joe Davis (right) and a fellow volunteer.

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