Nova Scotia sees another significant drop in gas prices, now 71.6 cents per litre

Gas prices in Nova Scotia have seen a significant drop for the second time in recent weeks. Rhonda Brown/Global News

For the second time this week, Nova Scotians will notice a significant drop in prices at the pumps.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) slashed gas prices by 7.8 cents per litre at midnight to a minimum price of 71.6 cents per litre.

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Earlier this week, the NSUARB invoked its interrupter clause, lowering the price of self-serve regular gas by 9.7 cents.

The clause allows the board to interrupt the regular weekly setting of prices at midnight on Thursday to reset the price for the security of supply. It was also invoked March 11, causing prices in Nova Scotia to drop below $1 to the lowest prices seen in the province since August 2016.

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The bigger impact of falling gas prices due to rising coronavirus fears

At the beginning of March, Nova Scotians were paying a minimum of $1.059 cents per litre for gasoline, which means the province has seen a 34.3 cent drop in just three weeks.

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