Calgary Zoo announces animal deaths after flooding

Video: Calgary zoo spokesperson confirms deaths of animals due to flooding

CALGARY – The Calgary Zoo has announced the deaths of several animals who did not survive devastating and wide-spread flooding at their facility.

Animal care staff confirmed on the zoo’s Facebook page late Sunday, that despite their best efforts – at least one of the free-roaming peacocks didn’t make it.

Officials say they tried as hard as they could to round up the birds, but some flew to rooftops and trees and couldn’t be corralled.

In addition, tilapia in the hippo pool and piranha in the South America exhibit didn’t survive the lack of power at the zoo during the flooding.

In spite of the news, officials say they are “counting their blessings” that there haven’t been greater losses.

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The Calgary Zoo said on Saturday the facility would remain closed for the next two weeks, as they work to restore the grounds.