More Husky puppies are in the care of the SPCA in the Okanagan

Photo courtesy BC SPCA

The Okanagan/Similkameen branch of the BC SPCA made a surprise announcement on Friday.

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One of the adult Husky dogs that were surrendered to the SPCA in December, along with 17 puppies, was pregnant when she was brought into care.

That dog has now given birth to another litter of Husky puppies.

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In a media release, the society said that officers found the dogs and puppies tied to posts, tangled, and unable to access nearby dog houses.

There was no food or water being provided to the animals, and the property was covered with feces.

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At some point after the surrender, the owner of the dogs appealed to have them returned, but was denied.

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The puppies in this latest litter will not be available on the BC SPCA adoption website, as the new owners will be chosen from the over 1200 applicants that had hoped to adopt a Husky puppy last time.



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