Sex offender at high-risk to reoffend now living in Surrey

Raymond Caissie.
Raymond Caissie. Submitted

A convicted sex offender who is considered a high-risk to reoffend is now living in Surrey.

Raymond Caissie, 42, has a history of violent sexual crimes, including two counts of sexual assault with a weapon, theft, possession of stolen property, and two counts of forcible confinement and robbery.

He is out on supervised bail.

Caissie is described as being 5ft 11″, weighing 165 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes.

He has a number of conditions for his bail, including:

– Remaining within the Province of British Columbia unless prior written permission to go outside the Province is obtained from the Court or the Bail Supervisor.

– No contact, direct or indirect, with any of the victims of offences for whic he has been convicted or any known members of their immediate families.

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– Not attend within 300 metres of any known residence, place of employment or educational facility of any of the victims of offences for which he has been convicted, or any known members of their immediate families.

– Not possess any knives except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food, unless specifically needed for onsite employment which is approved of by his Bail Supervisor.

– Not possess, own or carry any weapon, including but not limited to any firearm, crossbow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition or explosive substance, and any related authorizations, licences and registration certificates. Nor is he to possess any imitation firearm or imitation of those other items listed in this condition.

If anyone sees Caissie violating these conditions, they are asked to call their local police department.