Hamilton’s Arkells offer free merch in a campaign to support local news

Arkells frontman Max Kerman fashions a free T-shirt being offered to those who buy subscriptions to local online news. @arkellsmusic

Hamilton’s Arkells let everyone know about their love of journalism this week, showing support for local news through their website and on social media.

“Stop running from the paywall & consider supporting local journalism” was a plea sent on the band’s Twitter feed, Tuesday.

The quintet’s website is also on board with the campaign as it’s home page shows frontman Max Kerman wearing a black t-shirt with a pic of a typewriter on the back and the moniker “Years in the Making.”

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Kerman and his fellow bandmates have made their feelings known about their passion for local online news media in recent months. So much so that the band has used its influence with followers to promote the purchase of online subscriptions, even before it’s t-shirt initiative.

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“If you’re an engaged member of your community, you’re probably thankful for the people who report the news. And even if you’re not, you’re probably still reassured to know that someone is keeping tabs,” the band said in its appeal.

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On Monday Kerman reinforced his push to support local online newspapers through a blog on the band’s website

“For now, the only thing we ask of you is: be nice to strangers and subscribe to your local paper. And then we can wear matching tees. And who doesn’t love to twin with me?”

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Based on retweets seen @arkellsmusic there have been takers from all across Canada.

“Good reporting not only keeps us in the loop, but also makes sure our big wigs are held accountable — to ensure there is no sneaky biz.”

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Arkells are currently on hiatus with Max taking the Maple Leafs up on their mentor’s trip to New York on Wednesday

The band’s fifth album Rally Cry was released in October of 2018 and the band toured extensively in 2019 headlining shows across Canada and Europe. It’s expected the band will be on the road again this summer for the odd festival dates.