Brampton unveils another ‘municipal speed camera’ sign outside school zone

A warning sign for an upcoming automated speed enforcement camera is posted on Richvale Drive North in Brampton. Doug Gamey / Global News

The City of Brampton has revealed another “municipal speed camera coming soon” sign in the city’s north end warning motorists that an automated speed enforcement (ASE) camera is coming to the neighbourhood.

City officials said Richvale Drive North, near Kennedy Road and Sandalwood Parkway, where the sign was installed, is a unique location for an ASE camera as there are three schools in close proximity to each other: Terry Fox Public School, Robert H. Lagerquist Sr. Public School and Sacred Heart Elementary School.

Mayor Patrick Brown was joined by councillors, police and other officials to unveil the sign on Wednesday morning in Ward 2.

“Police don’t have the resources to put a cop car outside of every school to make sure that we don’t have reckless drivers,” Brown told reporters. “We’re seeing street racing.

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A warning sign for an upcoming automated speed enforcement camera is posted on Richvale Drive North in Brampton. Doug Gamey / Global News

“The great thing about photo radar is it works. You’re going to get a ticket, and it changes behaviour. We’re putting these in school zones across the City of Brampton and we really believe this is going to change behaviour,” Brown added.

ASE cameras will only be installed in community safety zones and school zones where there is public concern for dangerous speeding, city officials said. It only applies to local roads with speeds of less than 80 kilometres per hour.

“These cameras are going to make sure that if you’re an idiot, if you’re speeding in a school zone, you’re going to get a big, fat ticket,” Brown said.

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New legislation by the Ontario government requires that municipalities give motorists a 90-day notice period with a sign before installing an ASE camera.

Images taken of speeders and their licence plates will be reviewed by provincial offence officers. Tickets will be issued to the owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was driving, within 23 days of the alleged offence date recorded on the camera.

If convicted, the only penalty is a fine. No demerit points will be issued, and the registered owner’s driving record will not be impacted.

“Unfortunately, we can’t have our officers everywhere,” Peel Regional Police Chief Nish Duraiappah said.

“Speed and traffic enforcement is still No. 1, and for us, as the police chief and a police organization, we welcome the legislation for municipal speed cameras.

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“It’s warning the residents that a municipal speed camera is coming into this community safety zone.”

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