Edmonton LRT operator sings to passengers to celebrate his retirement

Edmonton LRT operator sings to passengers
WATCH: An Edmonton LRT operator burst into song over the intercom as a way to celebrate his retirement. Sarah Komadina has more.

After decades of operating LRTs for the Edmonton Transit Service, Leonard Bauder decided to make a bold move.

Friday morning he sang his passengers songs over the intercom.

“It was on my bucket list,” Bauder said. “You hear of bus drivers who give the news or the weather over the PA system.”

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“I did ‘As Time Goes By’ and ‘Blue Skies.'”

It was a way to celebrate. After 35 years of working with ETS, Bauder is retiring.

“In Grade 9, I had an aptitude test and on my jobs, it said I would be a great bus driver,” Bauder said. “It was the best thing for me. I love this job.”

The 65-year-old started singing eight years ago. He is in three choirs and is looking forward to singing more during his retirement.

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Passengers said hearing Bauder’s songs on the intercom made their day a little brighter.