‘Dinosaurs in love’: Little tyke’s song will hit you like a meteor

Click to play video: 'Toddler writes, sings ballad about dinosaurs falling in love' Toddler writes, sings ballad about dinosaurs falling in love
WATCH: A three-year-old girl from the U.K. gained Twitter fame on Jan. 28 after recording her tear-jerking debut "solo single." – Jan 30, 2020

A little British girl is melting hearts with her adorable song Dinosaurs in Love, and it might be the most bittersweet ballad of the last 65 million years.

Fenn Rosenthal, 3, wrote the lyrics and sang them herself while her dad, U.K.-based musician Tom Rosenthal, provided the piano tune and encouragement. Dad’s captioned video of the song has racked up more than 3.5 million views on Twitter since Tuesday.

“She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune,” he wrote.

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The little tyke sings about dinosaurs “eating people,” falling in love and getting hit by a “big bang” that suddenly wipes them out. The song appears to be entirely unedited, and the girl’s vocal stumbles over the lyrics just make it even sweeter.

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The full lyrics go as follows:

Rosenthal told CNN that he encourages his daughters Fenn, 3, and Bess, 6, to play around with music, and they’ve combined for some adorable duets.

“I just let them go wild with whatever is happening,” he told CNN. He added that the girls have collaborated for such memorable pieces as Tigers in the Forest, Zebras in the Zoo and Elephants Have a Little Nap.

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Rosenthal says he’s not surprised that Fenn’s first “solo song” has gone viral because it’s very “evocative.”

“I think she’s got a really good sense of timing,” he said.

The whole song came together quite quickly, Rosenthal told Time.

“She wanted to do a song about dinosaurs,” he said. “She stood next to the mic, and it all just came out.”

He says the girl can barely count to 20, so she hasn’t quite grasped the viral reach of her song.

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Fenn’s ballad sparked strong reactions online, where many mourned the bittersweet demise of the lovestruck dinos.

“One day you’re eating fruit and cucumber and the next you’re extinct,” wrote user Joe Perera. “Rough times.”

“The end hit me like a meteor,” added user @Geckoofficial.

“Release it on Spotify,” wrote one user. Spotify later followed up with Rosenthal in the comments to ask if Fenn has an “official release date” for her hit.

“Just working on it as we speak!” Rosenthal replied. “Getting it uploaded and ready for Spotify ASAP!”

“I didn’t expect to have my heart broken,” wrote user Theo Hendrie. “But here we are.”


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