City to discuss organic recycling services Monday

CALGARY – Even as southwest and northwest Calgary residents are still waiting to receive their black carts, one alderman is already looking to take the next step.

Black carts have already been dispersed to the east side of the city; west side residents will receive their bins by June of 2011.

But as early as February, Druh Farrell wants the City to go to work on planning the next phase of the program – dealing with organic recycling, which accounts for 30 per cent of what goes in to our landfills.

Farrell says it’s a worrisome component.

“It also holds the most liability because of the methane gas it produces and it’s something easily diverted,” says Farrell. “We need to take a look at that – there are lots of opportunities, of course we need to take aggressive action in order to get to our goal.”

The City’s goal is to cut 80 per cent of what goes in to Calgary landfills by 2020.

Farrell’s motion goes before council on Monday. It will also address issues surrounding recycling for multi-family housing and construction waste.


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