Australian wildlife fundraiser brings Saskatoon community together

Australian wildlife fundraiser brings Saskatoon community together
WATCH: Vet students and professionals held a fundraiser for animals affected by the Australian wildfires.

They’re doing what they can for their marsupial mates down under.

Exotic Pet Nail Trim raised funds Sunday for wildlife affected by fires in Australia.

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Fifteen dollars per cut, a price one guinea pig owner felt was worth it.

“We thought we would bring them,” said Tara White, a guinea pig owner.” They both needed their nails done anyway. I happened to see it on Facebook and thought why not donate to a great cause.”

While animals such as guinea pigs, rats and rabbits got their nails done, their owners treated themselves to a bake sale.

For organizer Dr. Shannon Toy every little bit helps.

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“Seeing those headlines — over a billion animals have died in these wildfires.” Toy said. “Huge unfathomable numbers that was shocking to me.”

“That led us here to the Exotic department (Exotic Animal Medicine Society) to think of ways we could help on our end of the world.”

Pair of U of S students doing their part saving bees with bee hotels
Pair of U of S students doing their part saving bees with bee hotels

Roughly 15 vet students helped with grooming, giving them the chance to interact with some of their clients, while raising funds.

“The animal aspect, which I think is easier to rally behind for people because they are innocently affected by the fires (and) not really able to escape,” said 2nd-year veterinary student Katie Radcliffe.

“Even just creating awareness helps.”

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Toy says these funds will help the wildlife and also help with the rebuild after the fires finally recede.

“These fires are really affecting wildlife currently, but in terms of future aspects of bio-diversity, I think those effects are unknown right now,” Toy added.

“Just continuing to keep Australia in our thoughts.”

Toy says the rather short notice event has raised roughly s$600 for charities in Australia.

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She adds more baked goods will be on sale on Monday.