Women’s day at Theoretically Brewing in Lethbridge proving the craft is not only for men

Women’s day at Theoretically Brewing in Lethbridge proves the craft is not only for men
On Saturday, the fourth annual Women's Brew Day took place at Theoretically Brewing in Lethbridge. Women came out to show that the craft is not only for men. Taz Dhaliwal reports.

Lethbridge women came out for the fourth annual Women’s Brew Day at Theoretically Brewing Saturday morning to show the craft is not only for men.

It can also be “inclusive”.

“There’s a lot of stereotypes in the industry where like if you’re a brewer you’re obviously a huge guy, really tall, quite big, big bushy beard,” said Kelti Baird, part-owner of Theoretically Brewing on 2nd Avenue.

“Obviously, those are not the prerequisites to be a women brewer.”

Only lady volunteers from the Lethbridge community were allowed in to learn about brewing as they made a fresh batch of beer. The ladies created a New England pale ale style of beer, to be launched on International Women’s Day, March 8.

Money from the cost of the brew goes to the Lethbridge YWCA, a women’s only shelter.

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“Women make up only two per cent of people in the brewing industry, in terms of the technical side, where you know about 80 per cent sales [of] people [are women],” Baird said.

“Women are not often found on the brew floor, so we just want to make sure people know that there are women brewers and owners out there.”

Baird says events like Women’s Brew Day help bring more exposure to female brewers, helping erase stereotypes that it’s an industry intended only for men.

“Beer is for everyone, beer is inclusive and we want to continue making it a community that is inclusive for anyone regardless of your age, your gender, you know your ethnicity,” said Kyla Glyn, the lead brewer at the brewery. “It’s for everybody.”

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Glynn says what she loves most about her job is utilizing her creativity on a regular basis.

“Every time we build a new recipe or try a new flavour, we get to really work our creativity muscles and come up with something new,” Glynn said.

“I love that about it and it’s also really tangible, you know do your work and at the end of the day you have something solid to show for it,” she said. Glynn added that her works is very gratifying for her.

Theoretically Brewing says they’ll continue to hold events like this — in hopes of educating other women about the art and chemistry of brewing.

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