Australian hockey team tries to keep warm as it wraps up Edmonton tour

Australian hockey team tries to keep warm as it wraps up Edmonton visit
WATCH ABOVE: There was a warm welcome on another cold day for an Australian hockey team visiting Edmonton. As the team wraps up its Canadian tour, players are trying to keep warm while soaking in another cultural experience. Chris Chacon explains.

The visiting Kaurna Boomerangs received a warm welcome on another cold day in Edmonton.

The Australian hockey team is visiting the Capital Region as part of its Canadian tour.

Players are still trying keep warm while soaking in another cultural experience at Amiskwaciy Academy.

“It’s so cold outside, ears are freezing, nose is red,’ Kaurna Boomerangs goalie Max Black said.

Image of Kaurna Boomerang.
Image of Kaurna Boomerang. Kerry Goulet/Global News
“I’ve been to the snow before in Australia, so I was expecting something like that which was about -8 [degrees], but when I came here and it turned out it was -40 C, it was just crazy. Couldn’t feel my nose, couldn’t feel my ears,” Kaurna Boomerang player Jamie Sewer said.
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It’s a stark contrast to the hot, dry, fiery conditions back home. After a week away, some may be adjusting to the cold.

“As it’s slowly starting to get warmer, we’re slowly adapting to it I guess, but it’s still freezing. That’s the only thing I miss from home: the warm weather,” added Sewer.

The Kaurna Boomerangs were welcome guests at the Amiskwaciy Academy to learn Cree traditions and share their own.

“[It’s an] opportunity for us to share what were doing here with another culture coming in,” Amiskwaciy Academy Principal Fred Hines said.

This, was just one cultural stop for team.

They also played the Calling Lake Tomahawks and will take in an Oilers game before flying back Down Under.

All this actually fits in with talk of the weather. Although painful at times, this week’s weather has been fitting.

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“I think the extreme change of the temperature is really what made this trip extra special, in the sense that they could have come here, it could have been plus five,” said Kerry Goulet, director of Ice Hockey Classic.

“We maybe have not been able to go outdoors, but they got to get the true Canadian experience.”