Is McBarge a disaster waiting to happen?

It’s been 27 years since Expo 86 and since the world fair ended, the former McDonalds McBarge has been moored in Burrard inlet.

The years haven’t been kind to the former restaurant, which for more than two decades has been anchored in the inlet just east of the Second Narrows Bridge.

There have been several plans to re-use the barge over the years, but they never panned out and it hasn’t budged.

Now there are concerns the derelict is becoming more of a danger.

“Knowing that people can get on the boast as easily as they can, knowing the dangers of some of the places within the barge itself, knowing the fact that because of its history, it will attract people to come see the site, I think for all of those reasons it is an accident waiting to happen,” says Mark Angelo with Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.

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Among the concerns is easy accessibility. One of its doors is now wide open. It’s listing and sources have told Global News that McBarge has sink holes inside.

The harbour master is investigating.

The owner of McBarge — Howard Meakin — has told Global News it is structurally sound, and he still hopes to give it a second life as a restaurant in Mission.

That’s after a four-million dollar retro-fit.

Area homeowners say they’d be happy to see it go.

“I have been here since 2006. No body gets on it, it does not go anywhere, what good is it? It is useless, it is an eyesore,” one man told Global News.

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